Founded in 2001 by Göksun Demirel and Elif Demirel as a

family business, Ekinoks operates as an international network with a professional team dedicated to details.

Our design team, consisting of a blend of people with design and joinery backgrounds, enables us to understand and provide assistance for specific requests of the designers, architects, and shipyards and make our clients’ dreams come true.

Our passion for detail, quality and punctuality is realized

through fusing the skills of traditional

craftsmanship with the state-of-art technology.

We work in the light of our belief:

‘Building a boat should be a remarkable experience both for

the client and the team involved in the process.’


Göksun Demirel


After graduating as an interior designer

from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of

Fine Arts, Göksun has been involved

in the yacht interiors from day one.

She started with one of the first

super yachts ever built in Turkey:

MY Mosaique 50 m Project.

After the completion of Mosaique 50 m,

she founded Ekinoks Interiors in 2001,

where she still shares her passion for

detail with a dedicated team.

She was selected to take part in EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women in 2016

Elif Demirel


Graduating from Marmara University,Faculty of Fine Arts with degree in interior design,

Elif has taken part as a project

manager for numerous yachts for

the last 12 years.

In 2011 she was chosen for the Women Entrepreneurs’ scholarship by Goldman Sachs and Özyeğin University. She has been managing

the operations of Ekinoks since then.

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